UK Virtual Assistants - Commercium Solutions

No commitment, no problem!

You won’t pay any subscriptions, contracts, or fixed prices. Simply hire an assistant for only the hours you need. Buy a block of hours, pay per hour, however you like! We understand that all businesses are different, and have different needs. We’ll be as flexible as you need us to be.

Thinking about working with a VA?

A dedicated and reliable Virtual Assistant can be an important asset in your business, especially if you are a freelancer, start up, or not quite ready to commit to employing your own staff just yet. A VA can help you to save time, free up diary space, offer an extra pair of hands and provide a varied set of skills to help you in your business. Here are some of the reasons why people like you choose a VA:

An extra pair of hands

Need a hand running your business? We've got you.

Free up time

Time is your biggest asset. Save some with a VA.

Extra skills

Because we can't all know everything.

Fresh ideas

A VA can bring fresh ideas to the table if you'd like them to!


Improve the quality of your service with an assistant.

A friendly new face

A new friendly face for your business and your customers.

Your very own dedicated assistant from £15

Whether you need an extra pair of hands on a daily basis or you would just like some help with ad hoc tasks, we’ve got you covered.